About Sudhir Sawant

  • Date of Birth – 09-02-1955
  • Qualifications – M.Sc. P.Sc. L.L.B.
  • Profession – Army, Lawyer, Politician
  • Father – Sitaram Sawant (MLA-1957-71)
  • Renowned Educationalist
  • Political Affilations – PWP & JD
Political Background :
  • Resigned from Congress and as MLC, Maharashtra on grounds that Congress is corrupt political party
  • Always launched war on Corruption & Criminalization
  • Floated Sanvidhan Morcha, Federation to save Indian Constitution
After April 1991 :
  • Left Army to join politics after the request from late Rajiv Gandhi
  • Become MP (Rajapur) – 1991-1996. Seat won by Conress after 1952.
  • First MP to be elected as Secretary of Parliamentary Party in First Term.
  • Special invitee to the Congress Working Committee (CWC) 1994-96.
  • Secretary AICC (Independent charge) 1998–1999.
  • MLC till 2008
  • Graduate from Defense Services Staff College.
  • Commando Instructor 1982–1984 (3 years)
  • Field Service In J&K & Siachen – 1987
  • Military Intelligence 1988–1991
  • Re-commissioned in Army part time in 1993
  • Retired as Brigadier rank in 2014
Service after 1991
  • Secured Surrender of Terrorist group in 1995 & Raised demand for Surrendered Terrorist in army, Successful absorption of surrendered terrorist in army in 2003, formed an army of 8th battalion i.e. 8000 soldiers and finish terrorism in Kashmir.
  • In face of election in 1998 joined Kargil operations – Operation parakram
  • Editor of magazine Farmers and Parliament
  • Written several articles for newspapers & magazines on Terrorism, Nuclear Warfare, National Security etc.
  • Writing a book on Narco Terrorism which includes chapters on Legal provision, Money Laundering, International Co-operation to root out the scourge of drug trafficking and terrorism.

NGO’s and Institutions:

  • Founder Chairman – Forum for Strategic Studies. Founded a think tank in Delhi which examines National security and internal security issues.
  • Founder Chairman –Krishi Vidyan Kendra, Cha. Shivaji Maharaj Agriculture College & Business Management College Sindhudurg. Chairman of Agriculture Trust, SZKP. Launched movement of direct marketing by farmers – Organized Mango Festival in Mumbai. College first in Maharashtra for last 4 successive years.
  • Chairman, Maharashtra Night High School, Mumbai (90% S.C. Students) – School is the largest night school in India. Consists of mainly dropouts from slums
  • Executive Director – Farmers Parliamentary Forum, New Delhi. Founded by late S.K Patil 1965. Represents farmers in Parliament.
  • Director – Ayurvedic College, Sawantwadi.
  • Founder – Sainik School and Colonels Academy of Adventure Sports Amboli (Hill Station)
  • Founder of Ex- Servicemen Co-operative Credit Society, Sindhudurg in 1991, it is the premier society which is graded as class A (15 branches, Rs. 50 crores turn over)
  • Founder of the first ever Sindhudurg Zilla Paryatak (Tourist) Sahakari Sanstha. First society in India .Took over MTDC resort at Tarkarli converted the loss making Unit into profit.
  • Founder Chairman – Tourism Co-operative Concept of bringing people together;staying in each others home. Successfully run the first ever facilitation center for passengers at New Delhi IGI airport.
  • Founder- Mumbai Festival and Foundation

Foreign Assignments:

  • Regular lectures to various institutions in US & Europe mainly on terrorism, international security, Antidrug movement.
  • Interaction with FBI in US, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)US, Customs UK, Police UK.
  • Talk to National Defence University – Pentagon.
  • N. Preparatory Conference on Extension of Non Proliferation Treaty. Represented parliamentarians of the world in the conference. Indian Government was not a party to the treaty hence, the only Indian at the conference.
  • Participated in World Population Preparatory Conference at UN New York on behalf of parliamentarians .
  • Participated several times on UN Drug Control Program (UNDCP).
  • Delegate to Italy political party PDS National convention.
  • Led Congress party delegation to China met President Jiang Zemin.
  • Collaboration with agriculture university of Madrid with our college.
  • Organised and participated in program break the siege of gaza. Took relief to gaza.

CULTURE – India & Abroad

  • Organised Goa Carnival in 1997. A cultural Festival in Goa.
  • Organised Indian Cultural presentation in Chamonix France.
  • Organised Indian Cultural Group to include classical and folk artists and crafts in Edinburgh Festival annually from 2000 to date.
  • Organised Indian Cultural Group show in Ireland 2001&2002.
  • Mango Festival Mumbai annually from 2002 to date.
  • Organised Mumbai Festival From January 2004 an annual event.

Corporate And Others :

  • Convener – High powered Government Committee on Narco terrorism Govt of India 1993-1997
  • Murari Committee on Fisheries.
  • Many committees in Maharashtra dealing with Home, Agriculture, Education etc.
  • Now Member, Regional Committee ICCR.
  • Chairman, Sawant Dynamics Pvt Ltd (Consultancy Company)
  • Director, INSPA, Company in Madrid.

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