Mission & Vision

To Develop india into a place of joy and abundance.
” Safety, Honor and Welfare of My Country comes First Always and Every time; The Safety, Honor and Welfare of the Men under your command comes Next. Your own Safety, Honor and Welfare comes Last Always and Every time.”
  By Brig Sudhir Sawant (M.Sc, L.L.B, P.Sc) Former Member of Praliament.
War against black economy
Fight against terrorism
National integraton Implementation of the constitution
National security
Youth development
Clean politics
Alternative energy
Rural economy
To Develop india into a place of joy and abundance.
  The constitution of India was a stunning achievement in human history. In face of immense challenges, turmoil, and pressures, the architects’ of the constitution gave to us that document of human liberty, equality and freedom. However we failed in Implementing it. Slowly, the self seeking elite corrupted the ruling class, and established a parallel government outside the ambit of the constitution. This black government is based on black economy.(Vora Committee).

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