Movement For Change

The constitution of India was a stunning achievement in human history. In face of immense challenges, turmoil, and pressures, the architects’ of the constitution gave to us that document of human liberty, equality and freedom. However we failed in Implementing it. Slowly, the self seeking elite corrupted the ruling class, and established a parallel government outside the ambit of the constitution. This black government is based on black economy.(Vora Committee).

Resultantly corruption became a way of life. Corporate greed leads to getting what they want at any cost. To circumvent, the laws, the political class was subverted. Honest politicians butchered. Only politicians, subservient to corporate lobbies promoted. Consequently, the talent in politics has been eliminated. Criminals and cheaters have taken over. Their only job, is to serve their corporate masters.

TO make unconstitutional democracy work, mafia was empowered. I call them police of the black economy. Eg, Rs 50000 crore were invested in betting on the cricket world cup finals. The bets are laid without any documentation. But recovered very efficiently. This is due to Mafia power. The corporate looby, made the ruling class empower the mafia. Thus, we witness, the unholy alliance of the corporate, the politicians, the bureaucrats and the mafia ruling the country.

After, 1993 bomb blasts, I had forced the government to constitute the committee of Intelligence chiefs to produce a white paper on the nexus between politicians, mafia, corporate and the buearacracy. Such a committee was never, constituted in India before and never will be future. The committee was composed of Heads of Intelligence agencies, including RAW, IB, Income Tax, police etc. (report attached). Two observations made by the committee are critical. First, it was stated that the committee is of no use because government does not want to do anything about it. Second, they stated that there is a parallel government run by the nexus of politicians, mafia and government officers.

Apunko kya?To stress the point,we see the President of BJP ,Bangaru Laxman convicted for accepting bribe on camera., However, the court observed that the indifference of the empowered people of India is resulting in the entire system being corrupted. Everybody feels it will not affect them. However, the lawlessness will effect everyone. Now the girls are being raped in Mumbai. Are your sisters, daughters and wife safe in this country? The long hand of the parallel government will destroy your life slowly but surely.

Divide and rule.Partition of India was the result of British policy to divide and rule. During the 1945- 1991 cold war, American capitalism carried forward this policy of engineering caste and communal divisions in the world. We cannot forget that during the1971 Indo Pak war, American 7th fleet came to attack Inida in support of Pakistan. From 1979, the US fomented terrorism in India with the help of Pak ISI. On the other hand, employing Israel, the Americans also promoted Violent Hindutva terrorism. The Assemanand confession in the court has shown how many bomb blasts were done by Radical Hindutva forces and blame was transferred to Muslims. Aim was to create a permanent divide in India.

New East India Company has firmly entrenched in India in the garb of privatisation and globalisation. The modi Versioned ooffit is make in india. In fact it is all about criminalisation of the economy. From 1991 liberalisation threw up ample opportunities for corporate criminalisation. Drug and arms trafficking criminal money was laundered into front companies and placed in the Indian corporate world through FDIs. Multinationals used Indian companies to grab scarce resources. Now the Indian companies have sold companies to multinationals. Today no pharma company is Indian owned, Reliance oil has sold out to British Petroleum. Thus through political and economic manipulation, western capitalism has acquired controlling interest in India. We are now facing a major challenge to restore Indian economic and political freedom.

Terrorism is the result of lawlessness in general and the mafia stranglehold on the country. The line that seperates mafia and terrorism has been erased. This suits western interests. The Indian security system has collapsed. The parallel government is taking over the security establishment.

All political parties are controlled by the black corporate government. Good politics is necessary for restoring the situation. There is an urgent need for forming a political alternative to the Black government. Established political parties keep on creating caste religion bias to divide the people. Only one political alternative needed. This has to be all inclusive alternative focusing on economic issues. And Keeping the implementation of constitution as the core issue .

Candles after 26 Nov 98 melted away but the fire still burns on. Terrorist came and massacred people. The government looked on helplessly. Karkare, Kamte and Salasker were murdered. The government and the opposition together shield the killers. The PM releases a report in jan that 48% children below 5 suffer from malnutrition. On the other side, Corruption eats away the food of the adivasi and the poor children from the midday meal schemes. Sky high Prices steal away milk and sugar from the children of India but government further raises the price of fuel and all essentials. Scams after scams have exposed the loot by people who are charged with governing the country. The candle movement was an expression of public disgust. People cried for change but there is no alternative(TINA). There is no choice but to vote for the same people who are the enemies of the nation.People work with congress are to sides of one point. Gov. change but system & policies remain the same.

Time has now come to unite the patriots of India. Let us work to make India into a land of joy. To do this let us constitute an alliance for change. Let us bring together all the oppressed classes, castes, the literate and the illiterate to develop proper leadership for change.


Late Hemant Karkare exposed the Abhinava Bharats conspitracy to engineer the Malegaon bomb blasts. Israels role in supporting such violent actions were exposed in the video in col Purohits lap top. This is part of the charge sheet. However the Indian government and all political parties have chosen to bury the incident of the murder of Hemant Karkare and other brave police officers. 26 Nov 2008 attack was not a mere terrorist attack. It was designed to eliminate Karkare and his colleagues investigating into the Malegaon bomb blasts.

The consistent anti Indian stance of the US was due to the fear of India becoming a major power. Treating India as a Soviet ally during the cold war, the US developed Pakistan as a frontline state and used the fundamentalist forces to subvert the Indian state. Resultantly, the Indian Secular Democracy is threatened by Communalism and casteism. Majority and minority complex is leading us into a civil war. The LTTE shifting base in India will further vitiate the situation.

The accumulation of traumas from the gross inefficiencies in the governments calls us to propose radically new alternatives based on new environment.- The system for the 21st century. We must progress towards the implementation of the true democracy as enshrined in the Constitution of India. We must bring the directive principles of State policy out of the depths of ignorance and neglect and implement them. Expand the constitutional guarantees, taking into account the emerging threats. We have all to come together to create a New India based on a casteless and classless society. For democracy cannot persist on the basis of a divisive society.

The constituonal Promice 1) Equality of opportunity status. 2) Equality before law. 3) Elimination of economic inequality 4) Justice for all.
5)Article 38(1) :- the state strive to promote the welfare of the people by securing and protecting as effectively as it may a social order in which justice, social, economic & political shall inform all the institution of the national life. 6) Part IV of the constitutional is the directive principle of state policy Article 36 to 51 the provisions contained in this part shall not be enforcable by any court, but the principle there in laid down are neverthless fundamental in the governance of country & it shall be the duty of state to apply these principles in making laws.

Part IV this not mandatory. but the directive principle of state policy direct the gov. on the method of governing the country stop develop a social order. to minimize inequality income, endevaor to eliminates ineqlaities, status, facilities & opportunties.
7) Employment, common hood elimination in

Democracy for all

The Indian society has been deliberately segmented into religious ethnic groupings. In sense, that minorities like nomadic tribes, fisherfolk, tribals have no role in the democracy. Major portion of the population is divided into small ethnic minority groups who survive at the mercy of the majority. The Minority complex is the predominant factor of the current system. Dalits, Muslims, Gujratis, lingayats, North Indians, fisher folks, adivasis, nomadic tribes and many others are divided into small ethnic minority groups. There is an emphatic aversion to the majority rule. Violence is the natural outcome from this alienation and many parts of the country see the rise in violence against the state.

We now have to create institutions that incorporate the involvement of the minorities and develop a democracy for all. We strengthen the role of minorities and permit them to form the majority. Thus we must ensure significant representation of minority groups in the Parliament and State assemblies and Muncipal corporations. We must acknowledge the living needs of the minorities and create instruments that can fulfil the aspirations and goals.

Small New Parties

We will have to demolish the existing parties and develop parties which represent the minority population and regions. Otherwise large section of the population has remained unrepresented. We should not shy away from the emergence of small modular parties representing small areas or minorities for that is inevitable in the new society where people are increasingly asserting their political rights.

Value Based Politics- War against Corruption

There can be no democracy where there are no values. It is criminal to justify politics based on corruption and nepotism. We must develop systems which will eliminate corruption to develop transparency in governance.

Democracy of Public Conscience

Democracy is where if one person is victimised the entire society stands up. Hence, as per Dr Ambedkar, democracy based on public conscience is real. The new structure of the new era must thus evolve to a truly democratic society.

Direct Democracy

In the new era we must work towards involving the maximum people in decision making. Eg; At village level we can enforce all decision making based on the votes of all. No election is required for the gram panchayat. At higher level say parliament the value of the vote of the MPs may be say 50 % wheras 50 % value may be given to the vote of the people selected by the computer who can vote via internet or mobile. Like votes cast for selecting the best singer on the television channel. Law in Parliament can be made by the combined votes of MPS and the people. This will destroy the role of power brokers. Citizens can be trained to participate in the decision making process. Technology has provided us with the capacity to make on line voting and consequently direct democracy feasible. The role of an voter to vote on important laws including recall of the representatives will expand citizens rights. Voter will not vote merely once in 5 years. Every citizen must feel to be a ruler.

Governance based on Scientific parameters

India is the victim of an agenda based non issues, conjectures, religious beliefs, Blind faith. Many people have lost their lives due to issues like Babri Masjid, Kashmir, Khalistan, Attack on Christians in Orissa etc. This has sucked in scarce resources and efforts. Today 50% of the resources are devoted to security. Women are still treated as second class citizens. This has stunted economic growth and wealth creation. Reducing and eliminating the role of sectarian and divisive elements and promoting scientific authority will strengthen secularism.

Decision Making

The inefficiencies in governance is due to lack of decision making at the proper time, at the proper level and the proper place. Issues like space, oceans, global warming cannot be taken at national level but at transnational level. So also people at local levels must be empowered to take decisions at their level. Today what is to be done at village level is devised at national level, which is flawed ab initio. Thus new structures at the international and local level need to be created.

Build a New Civilization

Discovery of Agriculture resulted in the emergence of the Agriculture civilisation. This civilisation was characterised by the evolution of the village based society. Joint family, feudalism, caste system, production for self consumption, lack of any human rights were the highlights of the civilisation. Economic activity and market forces had a very limited role. The development of the steam engine transformed human conduct dramatically. Urbanisation, overthrowal of monarchy, establishment of democracy, liberalism, huge industrial complexes, organised labour, nuclear family were the highlights of the industrial civilisation. The elites of the Agriculture civilisation resisted the transformation while technology drove people to conflict with the elites. The transformation from Agriculture to industrial civilisation was driven by violence. From the French revolution to the October revolution and the world wars were the outcome of this conflict.

A similar conflict is now in progress. The knowledge revolution has transformed all forms of human conduct. A new civilisation is evolving. The failure of capitalism and communism are indicative of the change. The new technologies have altered all forms of human relationships. Representative democracy as we see it cannot cater for the aspirations of the poor and deprived. Tendency to wield arms to express discontent is on the rise. What we see as terrorism is really the outcome of the conflict between the elites of the modern world and the people who assert their rights. Violence on a monumental scale is in the offing. Thus we must prepare for the new world and develop systems and institutions for the new civilisation.

Change /Transform India Progressive Dynamic/ innovative Alliance/Front Build a New India young Alliance

The basic parameters of life, production, economy have changed where we are trying to find answers in the old systems. Demolition of the obsolete systems and replacement by new dynamic institutions is the real challenge of the new era. It is essential that like minded organisations and individuals come together in an alliance for change. An alliance to build a new India and a new civilisation..

The Alliance is the alliance of all castes and communities The principles enshrined in the constitution are the objectives and the goals. It seeks to create a integrated Indian society. In essence the casteless society. It will work towards building a new civilisation based on the emerging technologies. It seeks to demassify and decentralise governance and give the people access into decision making. It will work towards demolishing the monolithic bureaucracy and empower the people. It will work towards bringing value based politics. The role of big corporations is over. The tools of production must be dispersed. Corporations will be network of small units aimed at giving effect to article 39 of the constitution to bring down economic inequalities along with social inequalities.

Economic growth is not the sole objective of humankind. Sometimes you have to arrest economic growth to build a healthy society. Affluence and monetary wealth alone does not create joy. Economic growth cannot in future be based on the subsidies provided by the earth to production systems. The industrial society has exploited the earth of oil, timber, water and destroyed a large part of the earth. This will no longer be tolerated. Production in the new world has to be based on renewable form of energy.

The nuclear family is the cause of human loneliness. The family structure of the industrial civilisation must be dissolved and build up expanded families through community building. The village and the ward as the unit of development will no longer be based on poverty syndrome. The villages will be urbanised. Mass communication and computerisation provides the scope for the top technocrats, designers to work from anywhere in the world without going to office. The urbanised village will provide all facilities for the best in the world to work from the weak in the field. Thus we create village based townships where the scientists, corporates and the farmers can work together and develop together. This will deurbanise the metropolis and discard the need for migration from the village to the cities. People and families stay and work together in related vocations for this to succeed. Models and structures will be built to evolve such community based living and working.

The Task

Our task cannot end with changing govts. Govts are creatures of society. When the agriculture civilisation transformed into industrial civilisation. It brought in capitalist democracy destroying feudalism. Change occurred in every sphere of life. Joint family ended up in nuclear family. Consumerism brought in self interest. Humans became slaves of material goods. Communism and capitalism were the product of the industrial civilisation. Both have collapsed. Big factories , assembly line production for market all these are now becoming obsolete with the coming of the Knowledge revolution. The knowledge civilisation is being born . Thus we have to build this civilisation and scrap all old systems. This is the task of the New Alliance.